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Best Land (999 acres) for Super Mega eco-tourism Project

Near Chandigarh Adjoining New Chandigarh

Detail Description of the Land:

This land is in the lap of nature surrounded by beautiful hills and other natural resources. Keeping in mind the natural beauty of the place, it is an ideal location for Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation center, Residential school and College, Film studio or Amusement Park or Herbal Park.

Its close proximity to Baddi makes it ideal for Farm houses, where people can spend their weekend or holidays.There is 24 hrs supply of water and electricity. Land is also well connected with telephone lines.

Part of the land is developed into Baags (Garden) and beautifully landscaped.


The land is located at the foot of the Shiwalik Hills in the village Haripur and Bardar, District Ropar, Punjab . It is located in the middle of Ropar city and Industrial Area Baddi ( one of the biggest industrial areas of India ). The distance of land from Baddi is just 7 kms and 16 kms away from ropar main city. The distance of land from city beautiful and India 's first smoke free city Chandigarh is just 24 kms.

The average rain fall in this region is about 1000 mm. the area in question is suitable for Khair ( Acacia Catechu ) and supporting species like Siris (Acacia Modesta, Albizzia Lebbek), Tendu (Diospyrus Melanoxylon), Shishum (Dalbargia Sisoo), Bamboo (Dendrocalamus Strictus), Safeda (Eucalyptus) etc. Khair ( Acacia Catechu) which exists in its natural zone in the shivalik hills, clonal plantation of Safeda (Eucalyptus) in available plain areas and Bamboo (Dendrocalamus Strictus) on the banks and adjoining areas of seasonal streams to prevent its edge cutting and soil erosion . khair, Safeda and Bamboo does not require any technology tie-up as the production system have been for a long time and are well established.

  Khair ( Acacia Catechu) : Though the main use of khairwood is for production of katha, cutch being a byproduct, it is also a valuable timber which is used for posts in house construction, for making oil and sugar cane crushers, ploughs, tool handles and kneels of boats etc. it is also used as fuel and good quality charcoal can be produced from its wood. It is also considered to be a good fodder tree and is extensively lopped to feed the goats and at times cattle also. Khair is also a source of good quality gum which is regarded as the best substitute of true gum Arabic. One of the biggest katha making industry M/s BDM Ltd. Is located in nearby town of Una (H.P.) and there are about 10-15 medium and large units of katha making industry in sonipat (haryana). The felling cycle adopted for khair is now on a 5 years basis. A premium species with a very high demand, a khair tree with a grith between 50-60 cms fetches a price of Rs. 1200-1500/cuf. Considering huge demand not only in nearby states of haryana and himachal Pradesh even locally, no problem is envisaged in marketing of khair.

SAFEDA (Eucalyptus): The eucalyptus wood is used for making of furniture, doors,windows,crates,packing cases, as fuel wood and pulpwood. Paper mills, plywood and packing-case industries are the main consumers of eucalyptus wood. There are more than 200 plywood and veneer making industries along with the biggest paper mills of northern India i.e. Ballarpur Paper Industries Ltd. (BILT) in nearby town of Yamunanagar (Haryana).

Bamboo (Dendrocalamus Strictus): Dendrocalamus Strictus can be used for the purpose of thatching and roofing,walking sticks,making of bows and arrows, agricultural implements,furniture, tool handles fishing rods,chicks for door and windows, cradles, musical instruments etc. thus there is a heavy demand within the state of Punjab in addition to the nearby state of haryana and himachal Pradesh for bamboo as a raw material for furniture and handicraft industry. It is estimated that the current annual consumption of bamboo by paper mills in India is approximately one million tones as against the potential of 1.25 million tones of over dry bamboo biomass and 2.0 million tones of green/air dry bamboo. One of the biggest paper mills of north India , ballarpur industriesn Ltd. (BILT) of Thapar Group of Industries is located nearby town of yamunanagar ( haryana). They are presently importing bamboo from north east for preparation of a special kind of paper. An exclusive market of bamboo also exist in ambala (haryana). Thus marketing of bamboo may also not be a problem.


  • Rich experience of the promoters in agriculture/forestry.
  • Plantation technology is established, proven, simple and used successfully.
  • Locational advantage and nearness to marketing centers like Ambala, Una, Yamunanagar, Sonepat etc.
  • Marketing tie-up arrangement can easily be done with the major industries as the species selected have high demand. The existing market demand for the production is the strength of the land.
  • The market price especially of khair can be negotiated to advantage due to its relatively high demand as the prescribed felling cycle of 5 years.


Land is located just 7 kms. Away from the first planned city baddi of Himachal Pradesh.

  • Greater mohali development authority is going to develop mohali as a greater mohali and an international airport is also going to establish in mohali. The land is just 15kms away from greater mohali.
  • Estimated cost of the already existing trees of khair which is also known as BLACK GOLD , bamboo, shisham etc. is around 10 crore in the land.
  • NABARD(National Bank for Agriculture and rural deveoplement) has already approved a project of plantation for various kind of plants in this projected land.


Acutal Images of the Land
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Schematic Activity Structure of The Proposed Site Near Chandigarh


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